March 4, 2009

Tag Tig Tug from Cik Epal

Hari ni hari pembulian sedunia..aku duk sibuk buli org wat tag..
Sekali aku yg kene tag beramai2..hihihi..

Neway, tag kali ni..dtg nyer dari Cik Epal..

1- Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2- The list should be 10 numbers
3- Post this image of this award to your posting
4-Give it to 10 friend of yours.

happyy-stop i want to see my 'arwah ayah' miss him so much...

happyy-stop i have my own house wit full of pink colour..hahaha

happyy-stop i have own ROXY shop..
bley shupping xyah nk bayar2..hikhik

happyy-stop Go around the world wit DIE!!!
first place: PARIS..( Love Country )

happyy-stop i have own car...BMW sport car..
kan best klu tul2 wujud..hehe

happyy-stop My happening besday Party!!
wat woooo..nice place

happyy-stop Duit yg banyak di depan mata..hikhik
mau wat pe ngan duit..?? shupping+shoppa+soping..hikhik

happyy-stop Wanna be a beautiful princess in da world..

happyy-stop Marry with my beloved n have happy family..

happyy-stop Hopeless..hopeless my wishlist become true...hihihi

second tag ( Cik Epal jugak )

Don't lie while answering this tag

1.Would you like get back with your ex?
xmo la..menci dowh!!

2.What colour shirt are you wearing now? color

3.Would you like to kiss anyone on your friend list?
xmola..mau kiss my cayunk!

4.Do you have a 'thing' for someone on your friend list?

5.How many people on your top list do you know in the real life?
around..ntahla..xreti nak kire..hikhik

6.How many kids do you want to have?
nak..3..4..5..6..xtaw lar..rezeki Allah

7.Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
of course la good..

8.What name do you want beside the one you have now?

9.Would you make up with someone of the same sex?

10.What did you do on your last beday?
celebrate at Secret Recipe..

11.What your main ringtone on your phone now?

12.What time did you wake up today?

13.What were you doing two nights ago?
Lepak ngan DIE!!!!

14.Do you like having your hair pulled?

15.Name something you can't wait to do?
Online la..hikhik

16.Last time you saw your mom?
when i'm go back to N9..

17.What is one thing would you like to change about yourself?
i want to full wearing 'TUDUNG'

18.If you have $250,000, what would you do with it?
Send my mum to 'Macca'

19.How long have you work for your current job?
don't la..

20.Last thing you ate?
Pizza Hut

21.What's your favourite month?
August!! bcoz my besday..ehehe

22.What is the last pieces of clothing someone borrowed from you?
xkire r plak..

23.Most visited webpage?

24.The last person text message you?
my Bro...

nana xnk tag sape2..nnt nana kene balik..hihi
if sape2 nak buat..buatla..

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