February 12, 2009

tag by me

Honestly,are u in love right now..?!

love..?? I don't trust it..

Honestly,what's going on in your mind right now..?!

pk macam mane nk jadi kaya..hihih

Honestly,what are u doing right now..?!

layan lagu sambil wat tag..sbb da bosan tahap gaban..

Honestly,what u did today..?!

bgn tido, gosok gigi, online,mandi,online balik,mkn..online lagi..hihi

Honestly,do u think u are attractive..?!

Seharusnya la..tul x..?ehehehe

Honestly,have u done something bad today..?!

biase la..gado ngan..menci la hidup nih

Honestly,do u watch disney channel..?!

isk..cartoon adela kesukaan ku..

Honestly,are u jealous on someone now..?!

aduh..watpe nk jelous2 nih..aku ade segalanya..

Honestly,what makes u happy all the time..?!

kawan2 ku yg happy go lucky..

Honestly,what do u want to see at this very moment..?!

arwah ayah..coz really mis him..

Honestly,do u have a deep dark secret..?!

semua org ade..p xley bgtaw..secret meh..

Honestly,do u hate someone right now..?!

nop..aku bukan jenis membenci org

Honestly,what do u wanna hug right now..?!

my bearbear kat umah..

Honestly,do your wrist hurt..?!


Honestly,are u in denial..?!


Honestly,is it easier to talk in Myspace than in person..?!

susah gakla..

Honestly,does anyone like u..?!

ade..ade..p xtaw la die serius or main2..

Honestly,is it going anywhere with them..?!

waa..best per..ley hilangkan tension

Honestly,do u answer this question correctly..?!

yes..of course ma..watpe tipu2..

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Cik Yana
Cik Peanut

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