February 26, 2009

x[o]x[o] dera nana..waa..

Kesengalan dari semalam aku duk edit page..akhirnya..inilah hasil yg aku dapat..cam siut jer..bengang pun ade..bab nk download tula..ini la..penat2..walau penat camne pun..aku kene gak reply tag x[o]x[o]..skunk aku kene dera ngan rakan2 seperjuangan..hikhikhik..


Its not easy as you might think!
Copy and change the answer to suit you and pass it on.
Its really hard to only use one word answer.
Be sure to tag de person you received it from! jage2 cik x[o]x[o]..nana da jwp

happyy-stopWhere is you cell phone..? ntah

happyy-stopYour significant other..? fwen

happyy-stopYour hair..? panjang

happyy-stop Your mother..? chanteq

happyy-stopYour father..? al-fatihah

happyy-stopYour favourite place..? Toilet

happyy-stopYour dream last night..? fight

happyy-stopYour favourite drink..? ribena

happyy-stopYour dream/goal..? millionaire

happyy-stop What room are you in..? bedroom

happyy-stopYour hobby..? blogging

happyy-stopYour fear..? Allah swt

happyy-stopWhere do you want to be in 6 years..? Brazil

happyy-stopWhere were you last night..? Somewhere

happyy-stopSomething that you aren't..? bitch

happyy-stopMuffins..? cupcake

happyy-stopWish list item..? unfinished

happyy-stopWhere you grew up..? Kuala Lumpur

happyy-stopLast night you did..? secret

happyy-stopWhat are you wearing..? shirt+pant

happyy-stopYour TV..? closed

happyy-stopYour pet(s)..? xde

happyy-stopFriends..? crazy

happyy-stopYour life..? happy
happyy-stopYour mood..? blurrr

happyy-stopMissing someone..? yuppa

happyy-stop Car..? MyVi

happyy-stopSomething you're not wearing..? Sexy

happyy-stopYour favourite store..? MNG

happyy-stopYour favourite color..? ppiiinnnkkk

happyy-stopWhen the last time you laughed..? tonite

happyy-stopLast time you cried..? sunday

happyy-stopOne place that you go to over and over..? memori corner

happyy-stopOne person who emails you regularly..? nurul

happyy-stopOne word for all this keeennntttuuuutt

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