February 11, 2009

tag from cik Lulu

Fuyooo..susah oo..nk wat tag nih..
mmg mencabar tahap kesabaran aku..

1)the rules are simple.use google image to search the answers to the questions below.then u must choose a picture in the first page of results and post it as your answer.
2)after that tag 7 people.

1.the age of my next birthday
waa..umo aku da nk masuk 23..

2.place i'd like to travel to
paris..i love it

3.a favourite place
bedroom..ngantuk r plak mata nih.. ehe

4.a favourite thing
i always with my laptop

5.a favourite food
nasi ayam..waa..laparnye..

6.a favourite color
7.the city i live in

8.the city i was born in
Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur

9.a nickname i had

10.name of my love
xjumpela..mane nk cari ntah

11.a bad habbit

12.a hobby

13.wish list
always happy wit mylife

14.the people i want to tag
kepada sesiapa yg rase nk menyusahkn diri sendiri..ehehe..

cik Lulu..i'm done ur tag..susah woo..
fening kepala mo cari jawapan die.. ehehe..

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